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About Us

Corporate Mission

Open a world of opportunities
by achieving true language
Imagine a world where true language acquisition is
a real possibility.
It would enable people to connect
and converse with everyone around the world.
TIt would increase their opportunities,
and enable them to exceed limits
that seemed impossible to overcome before.
They would be surprised by their own new discoveries,
and could clearly convey their feelings
to friends near and far.
At SpeakBUDDY, our mission is
to create lives filled with these possibilities
for as many people as we can.

About Us

Corporate Mission


Corporate Vision

A Language Acquisition
AI Startup
Leading Asia
to the Global Stage

Our Values

  • True Purpose
    Let’s refocus and rediscover
    our true purpose,
    steering clear of distractions and
    embracing the dreams
    that lie ahead.
  • Inspire Excellence
    As we do our best work,
    we inspire and
    empower others to do the same,
    creating a ripple effect of
    throughout our organization
    and beyond.
  • Buddies
    We believe in reaching out and
    crossing divisions,
    combining our strengths to overcome challenges
    and achieve remarkable results.
    As Buddies, we build bridges
    to an unknown future.


  • Founder CEOT.Tateishi

    Thank you for visiting our corporate website. Like it states in our mission, we are dedicated to creating language services that aim to solve the problems that our users have in acquiring language skills, in order to increase their opportunities in life. My own world has been expanded by learning languages, and having experiences like working overseas at a foreign owned business and traveling around the world, so I want to make a world where everyone has opportunities, that transcend the borders of nations. The struggle to learn other languages exists not only in Japan, but around the world. That's why our vision is to expand our services from here on out, first to Asia, and then to the world. There are many things that are still unknown in the field of AI, and we need many BUDDIES to help us create the future we are envisioning. I feel that you coming here, to read this today, is fate in some way, and if you felt called to our company, I would be delighted if you would apply for our company through the Recruit page.

  • COOS.Yamano

    At SpeakBUDDY, we are in the middle of making "achieving true language acquisition" a reality, by developing a product that drastically increases the efficiency of our users' studies, and preparing to expand our services to the world. We have already gained the leading position in the AI x Language Learning field in Japan, and now, we're taking on an even larger challenge and entering a phase where we are expanding to the overseas market by continuing to develop our product to compete globally, in order to solidify our position as the leader in the Language Learning market overall and to make our mission and vision a reality. In order to accomplish this, we need to strengthen our team even further. If you empathize with our mission and vision, want to achieve visionary goals, and are strongly interested in solving large societaly problems, then won't you embark on a journey to change the world with us?